14, 24, 40

While I’ve been home in Philadelphia this week, I have had the privilege of reconnecting with some old friends. As an “emerging adult,” a brand-new grown-up, I am especially thankful for the windows I have been given into the lives of women who mentored me when I was a teenager.

Last night I ate ice cream with the spunky, independent entrepreneur who celebrated the best in my fourteen-year-old self. I heard how at 40, she is delighted to be newly married–even as she was quite happy to be single. Today I ate veggie wraps in the kitchen of my former social studies teacher whose first baby girl is now a preteen. I got to see how her curiosity about people finds new arenas as her young family grows up.

It scratches a special itch in my soul to spend time with both of them. I love how they embrace change and enjoy the lives that they are making. As they talked about their lives, each expressed to me, “I wonder how I would be different now if I had made another choice about ____________, but this is good, too.” These words reassure me that I have say in the person that I’m becoming, and God is happy to give me that opportunity.

As my mentors, now friends, continue to delight in me and like to hear my story, too, it reminds me that God enjoys me today just as he did at fourteen and will do at forty. What a precious gift.


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