New Wine

I’ve graduated!

I celebrated by exercising a few freedoms that I agreed to give up during my internship. Our whole team went together for a good meal with wine. My first glass was a Chardonnay, with pear notes to echo my pear and arugula salad.

Then, with my friends, I smoked my first cigar. Then I went on a date. I liked the date better than the cigar. I don’t see either of them becoming a regular thing, though.

What I see more clearly after nine months of no dating, drinking, or smoking is that none of those things will necessarily ruin me, but they won’t save me, either. It’s Jesus who saves me. He leaves me to creatively respond to his love, granting me the liberty of figuring out step by step what it looks like for me to live with him.

Where there is new wine, there is new power. There is new freedom, the kingdom is here. . . . Make me your vessel. Make me an offering. . . . Jesus, bring new wine out of me. -Hillsong


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