My internship ends tomorrow.

After nine months of incubating in a stew of community life, outreach work, and cross-cultural training classes, they will declare me ready to do ministry all over the world.

I still feel like a baby in this life of following Jesus into uncharted territory. I am. That’s okay.

What’s next? I’m staying in Richmond for the summer. I’ll continue working in the same art gallery and coordinating English learning and community opportunities for refugees. I’ll have a little bit more flexibility as well as responsibility. Outside the office, I’m working some hours in a restaurant, painting, and connecting with ministry supporters.

Then, in the fall, I’m going to the Middle East for six months. I’ll be supporting a seasoned worker from my organization as she continues working with refugees and starts an art gallery.

I started this blog as a stipulation of my internship. I no longer have to post five days a week, but you can still expect to hear from me. I love writing and sharing with you all.

Thanks for following my adventure. This is only the beginning.


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