Tuesday morning my left sandal started to sound like a jingle bell got trapped inside it. Unfortunately this was the not the first time this had happened to one of my left shoes. My right leg is a little longer than my left, and the extra pressure has some surprising impacts.

The twinkling noise prompted me to wear sneakers today. I knew they wouldn’t start making that sound on me. Walking around in those hefty shoes, I felt powerful. My feet were eager to step out into the blanket of Virginia heat. Even though I’ve been hitting the streets a lot lately, I resist wearing sneakers because seem rather–pedestrian–for my usual style. Today, though, I appreciate the sense of purpose they gave me. I’ll have to tie up the laces more often.

 Last week I introduced some of my story about discovering, and recovering from, scoliosis in me. Learning that I am a little bit crooked has changed the way I walk through life.


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