What if underground followers of Jesus shared the Good News in some of the most gospel-deprived countries, starting with planting businesses? What if the believers most eager to jump in were not from the West, but from the Global South? What if there are already 100,000 people raising their hands to leave their every day lives behind so that someone living in a restricted area might know that there is hope in Christ?

BAM. It’s happening.

Today I got to hear from my organization’s leader of Business as Mission, or BAM. BAM is a growing movement of people who are profiting the nations with sustainable work, positive environmental and social impact, and the opportunity to become a follower of Jesus. This website offers good information about what that means and what that looks like. People are starting handcrafts businesses to employ formerly-trafficked women in South Asia; people are starting restaurants where the employees are coming to know Christ in Central Asia.

Our BAM expert shared with us about how he was invited to be part of a conference of Christian leaders from the Global South who said, “Hey, we want to send out 10% of our 1 million members to share about Jesus in the hardest-to-reach countries doing BAM. Will you help us learn how to do that?” The fact that this is happening knocks my socks off. I’m tearing up a little as I write this. I am convinced in the very depths of my heart that God is doing a great thing on the earth.

God wants to set people free from the slavery of sex trafficking, the hopelessness of fractured families, the pain of centuries of oppression, to step into their purpose as glorious sons and daughters of the king of the universe. He wants to gather together people who love him from every nation. And guess what? There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to work with him to do this, no matter what the personal cost.

We have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. And I’m excited.


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