Back to Boston

I’m back in the Boston area for the first time since I moved away in August. I’m here sharing with students at my alma mater, Gordon College, about opportunities for them to be involved in the work of bringing the good news that freedom in Christ is available for everyone, to everyone. We work on behalf of the 40% of the world’s communities that don’t have access to that message, because we love them.

While I’m here I get to reconnect old friends. I spent the weekend visiting people and places where I’ve lived and loved. Meeting again and seeing faces grown wiser, furniture shifted, is one thing. The eyes that see this world are different, too. I read New England differently having lived in the South and flown around the world. Thanks to my training my values have shifted; I don’t see or use money the same way. Plus, I get to share Boston with my friends from Richmond, and what it becomes between us is different than what it was to me before.


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