Hello, North Africa

The late afternoon sun bathed us in glory as it hit the prismatic patterns of the airport walls. Welcome to North Africa, the rays seemed to say.

I have never been here before, but I am sinking into it like an old friend. I feel shades of places I have loved in Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East in this medium-sized city. The new acquaintance I met over tarjine (a classic sharing dish) at dinner even knows people I met in 3rd grade.

I took a quiet moment to enjoy the sun setting on the hotel courtyard and drew the striking silhouettes of the palm trees. I heard a man behind me say, “画画,” and I knew he was talking about me. What a treat it was to tell him, “新年快乐!”many miles away from the epicenter of Lunar New Year festivities.

It’s a small world after all.


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