Rae Roots for the Eagles

My block of Broad Street is lined with all sorts of little shops. Most of them I have never entered. Quite a few of them sell sweatpants with tacky words, American-flag-print bandanas, and other things I do not wear. On Saturday morning, I woke up and realized that I live on the perfect block to find one special thing: a Philadelphia Eagles hat.

My love for the Eagles is an old and unshakeable loyalty. My childhood in the Philadelphia suburbs was punctuated by Sunday afternoons doing one of two things: visiting Grandma in assisted living, or watching football with my mom. I am the last person you would want on a football team, and I understood “fourth downs” very little in those days, but as a little girl I bled green and cheered on my Eagles like none other. Even though I lived in New England for five years, I never did forgive the Patriots for the blow they dealt us in 2005.

When I came home for Thanksgiving this year and learned that, believe it or not, the Eagles were killing it, the nostalgia kicked in. Once I learned that they were going to the Super Bowl, I had to find that hat. The masculine exterior of my store of choice prepared me to be greeted by a big black guy with cool sneakers. In fact, my Eagles hat (on sale) was sold to me by an elderly Korean lady who told me she planned to wear her coat inside all day.

I wore my macho black Eagles hat all day on Super Bowl Sunday. Since it rained, I also wore my pink rain slicker. The combination caught quite a few passing glances. My roommate told me I looked “so funny;” my Chinese teacher told me I looked “so cool.” Who’s to say? (I think I rocked it.) And you know what? I surprised all my friends and coworkers with my passion for my hometown team at our “soup-er bowl sundae” party (two real fans, everyone else there for the food). But hey, at the end of the day, they won. I cried a little.

Fly, Eagles fly.

In my hat and pink rain slicker rooting on the Eagles I take on my alter ego, Rae. You can see Broad Street and other very RVA sights on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rae_chases_light/


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