When we hear an ancient truth, how can we receive it in such a way that it will re-shape us and the communities around us?

Today a teacher encouraged me to consider what practices would best kick-start significant movements of spiritual transformation. He suggested that this must begin with clusters of people who are willing to be curious about a spiritual text together. One of the first steps to understanding is to put the truth into one’s own words. Can I practice this with you, with a text that is significant to me?

Here is something worth re-tweeting: The God who first revealed himself to the people of Israel, the one who called himself “I BE,” remains for you.

This God, the only one, he is the foundation of all that is, the breath of the cosmos. He is worthy of all of your love, your energy, your everything.

The original words, found in Deuteronomy 6:4-5 in the Hebrew Bible, are sometimes called the Shema. They are the most precious words in the Jewish faith, and are also treasured by Christians.

What do you think? If you took these words to heart: if you hand-lettered these words and hung them by your door; if you talked about them with your kids every day; if you had them as a reminder on your phone when you woke up each morning; if you wrote them on your arm, could they change you?



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