Tuning In

“Rachel, just say yes,” I heard Emily say reassuringly over the Bose headphones I was using to sequence a video. I said “yes” like an actress testing out her lines, knowing that everyone around me had just given their OK to a question I did not know. A few minutes later, I, coatless, coffee cup in hand, followed my teammates out of the office, thinking we were going upstairs for a meeting, only to discover that we were walking two blocks away to a coffee shop. Emily, with my deaf “yes” and the conscious approval of everyone else had changed the location of our meeting for a more relaxed atmosphere. We had a good laugh realizing that I was powerless to stop the baristas from thinking that I was trying to undercut them.


I like to observe my environment. I want to know what is going on. Sometimes, though, I fall in love with the dynamic angles in the reflection in the puddle and miss the ground beneath my feet. Make fun of me if you want; I don’t mind. Today walking into a good joke set me free–knowing that my “good face” was disposable, I was ready to dispense the dry humor and puns and let the laugh lines in my stomach live a little. I’m rather fond of the moments I tune into the puddle.


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