Local Materials

In September I traveled to the Middle East to create a pop-up art gallery around the question, “Who is your neighbor?”

Bringing the Gallery Together, Part 1 of 3


Among the more adventurous aspects of bringing the art show together was finding the right supplies. We had brought with us from the States most of the artwork that we intended to display, but there were several pieces that we created locally. The nearest art supply store was a considerable distance away, so we wandered between shops looking for canvas, paint, and more. Here, we stop by the local hardware store–a walk-up shop–and purchase house paint and supplies from behind the counter. Our hammer–printed with the American flag–cost about ten cents.

At one point we also needed copies made of our gallery statements. A local friend took me to the copier. Anything but Staples, this was a one-man show in a walk-up shop, with paper lining all visible shelves and Orthodox calendars hanging in the corner. While the clerk adjusted several of our documents to fit European paper sizing, he took the orders of several other customers in line. The line got so busy that there was no room for me to stand, so he invited me to stand behind the counter. I passed out stickers and tape to inquiring customers. The man then cut all of our statements out with an X-acto knife, assuring us that he could do this better than we would do with scissors. It was beautiful.



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