Walk With Me

I have an unruly habit of taking foot selfies.

It’s not a fetish; it’s not about the feet themselves. It’s about celebrating that I am using the strength of my own body as transportation. It’s about noticing the beautiful earth beneath my feet. It’s about enjoying the place where I am right now, and remembering where I’ve been.

When traveling with my gallery team in the Middle East, these pictures took on a new dimension of community. I noticed myself becoming fascinated by the patterns made by many feet journeying together.

As I settle back into life in the States, I am surrounded by another team. We’re working together for a slightly longer time period, and our goal destination isn’t as clearly defined. Without a directive purpose, recognizing that we’re walking together takes a little more work.

Today my team affirmed this with heartfelt confessions, jambalaya, and a trip to Sonic.

And it was good. Very good.


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